Cyber Security Assessment

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Cyber Security Assessment

Nirvhar Technology build a secure system to access, handle and protect data exploiting from different danger aspects. conducting right approach to identifying specific threats, conducting cyber audit by using security tools and technique to pulling data key offenders, repeat offenders, analyze measure data. Create business case to take best defense against cyber-attacks.


  • Vulnerbility Assessment

    In the corporate business world cyber security management is the lead concern part to protect organizations data. Cyber criminals always attempting to gain access to company’s sensitive data.

    Many network equipment’s and IoT devices are connecting to corporate network.Ever-evolving technology is the most security risks themselves and this is very difficult challenge in cyber security. Customer always creating network vulnerability by themselves due to lake of information or lake of expertise.

    Nirvhar Technology exercise industry standard cyber security tools and technique to  analyze customer data. Our vulnerability assessment framework is a combination set of specific module.

  • Data Penetration Test 

    Nirvhar Technology use modern tools and technique for data penetration for cloud, virtual, physical server, firewall, router, switches etc.

    • Identify – Business environment & governance, asset management, risk management

    • Protect - Data protection and Procedure, Security awareness, Proactive Technique access control, Preventive maintenance.

    • Detect – Continues data monitoring tools, Detection process, Event logs, data flow monitoring.

    • Respond – Response Plan, Analysis, Mitigation tools & Technique, Communication, Improvement.

    • Recover – Recovery Plan, Recovery tools, Result output.

  • GAP Assessment

    Every organizations having information security policy and having antivirus, firewall to protect their data. due to business expansion many network equipment’s and IoT devices are connecting to corporate network. Business data is increasing rapidly. while data increase it's create security gap which also  lead to increase cyber risk.

     Nirvhar Technology implement Information Security Management System, which is comply with  international regulations and industry standards. Our security approach to customer environment to  identify  of the areas that require customer attention. 

    we have customer trust and integrity. we are often appointed to work in sensitive environments.

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