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IP telephony has made huge transition in communication platform. IP Telephony allows greater flexibility than traditional PBX Phone Systems. IP telephony network change the way of customer business. IP telephony solutions enable flexibility to users by allowing single number communication from multiple devices like (IP Phone, digital phone, softphone desktop, smartphone, WebEx, IM).


It can Integrate with CRM and Improve real time statistics view and reporting. Accessing to head quarter via smartphone applications which ensure corporate users stay connected while they are on the road or in meeting.

IP telephone solution reduce phone cost for National & International calls. Managing and communicating office employees from centralize systems. Easy to reach edge person in the organization.  IP telephone systems are equipped to handle simultaneous audio and video streaming, meeting and conference calls. Audio & video conference solutions bring all branches in a single table, branch manager and employee feel they are in head office and it indirectly build employees confidence.

IP telephony systems can be Integrate with existing applications so customer can send and receive fax via email. It can be integrate with customer existing legacy infrastructure. doesn’t required additional network cable pulling and cable terminations.

Nirvhar Technology study and emphasize customer network, design a simple and flexible solution which is suitable for customers current network and scalable future expansion growth.



The solutions get real benefits for customer business.

  • We Provide customized based sophisticated solutions each client’s needs.

  • We are significantly maintain high quality & on-time project delivery.

  • Smooth communications with clients during project life cycle.

Our 24/7 support always stay with customer to keep their IP telephony system in operation track.

We are supplying and Implementing world leading IP Telephony vendor products – Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, Polycom.

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