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Data Storage
Data Storage


Data is main key elements to run modern business. Executives take decision based on data analyses and historical data. Every business depend on reliable data storage. Data integrity, protection and manage data is concern part. Data storage demand are growing fast.

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  • Nirvhar Technology design and implement reliable small, medium and large storage solutions. Fast data transection, data analytics and consolidate workload. We orchestrate all storage components hardware, software, LAN, SAN, speed, user access and security to leverage data efficiency, reliability and automation.

  • Nirvhar Technology provide  hardware, software, provisioning and operational support. we analyze customer requirement and design cost affective solutions that fit for business size. Scalable option allow customer to extend their storage capacity. Web based interface helping to monitor events logs, health status and overall report.

Our flexible and scalable data protection solutions enable you to plan and implement your backup system synchronize to cloud. It will help you to protect and retention large volume of  data in DR (Disaster Recovery) place.

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