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To accelerate data workload and business requirements, we provide world’s most secure industry standard servers. Provide industry-leading performance, capacity and scalability servers from different vendors HP, DELL, IBM, CISCO, HUAEI.

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Nirvhar Technology design your data network by following industry standard reference architectures with multi type Rack Server, Blade Server, Hyper converse platform server. The design is scaling as your business grow from SOHO to mid-size and enterprise data center. Our easy deployments and compatible with multi-vendor LAN and SAN infrastructure and virtual machine on cloud.

Nirvhar Technology design and provide high performance server that capable and handle high-bandwidth and big data applications. Clustering servers in active-active redundancy mode which allow organizations scale their deployments and computing resource for data analytics applications like interactive data, Realtime data and data streaming. Live data and historical data access can work simultaneously.

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