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CCTV Solutions
CCTV Solutions

 Security Surveillance 

Today in the challenging business world CCTV systems has become most Important and an essential part. Integrated CCTV system enable customers to monitor who is accessing in business area and what they are doing


Every business has it’s vulnerable areas where high sensitive information and data stored. The surveillance systems ensure high risk area always protected with evidence. Now a day business owner effectively thinking to provide security systems in high risk business areas, production areas, as well as in the workplace. The advance modern video surveillance systems reduce business risk and help to Increase business growth.

Reduce Risk – The surveillance systems fully covered of customers premises and its doing real time recording, storing and remote online access to concern person which is lowering the risk and prevent Incident such as destruction, crime etc. It is proved that the criminal activity reduced in the area covered by CCTV.

Increase business growth – Governments, banks, hospitals and public area equipped with CCTV, it gives everyone sense of security & safety. if everyone feels more secure which lead to confidence and trust level of business. Confidence & trust is the main secrete of business growth.  

CCTV helps to monitor products and assets on premises. Discourage employees to avoid poor behavior, It encourage both employees and customers to show best manner and behavior.

Nirvhar Technology provide secure business and secure home solution systems. While business owner travel in abroad the modern systems allow to access and monitor their facilities of business or home. All of our security systems are latest and included day/night digitally recording and storing features.

We are vendor independent CCTV systems supplier. We have cost-effective product portfolio that covers of our customer needs. Our Engineers are expert with following world leading CCTV vendors -  Bosch, Pelco, Dahua, Axis, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Prism Etc

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