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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are restricting to entrance from an organization. Unauthorized personnel are prohibited. The access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit and where to access.

Access control system is now most common and widely used security solutions. There are multiple solutions used for electric door control. Pre-register data must stores in the server based system to authentication and authorization.

  • Magnetic card readers – Magnetic card just point to near door looks for door opening.

  • Fingerprint – Just put the finger in the device for authentication & authorization.  

  • Face recognition – stand in front of door camera for authentication & authorization.

  • Retina Scan –  Automated scanning human eye retina for biometric authentication.


Time Attendance 

Employee attendance card punching is now history. Bio metric attendance system makes HR life easy. It helps easy payroll sheet and monthly audit.

Nirvhar Technology bring very latest bio-metric solutions users can use their smartphone for attendance. Prior to authenticate the system automatically track employee geographical locations.

  • The system can be managed from head office or from branches.

  • Helping managers to audit working hours for residence employee or out sources stuff.

  • Easy project-based work attendance and reporting.  

  • Easy vacation submission and notification to managers.

  • Easy travel request and payment method.

  • Issuing digital payments slip against each employee salary and any single payments.

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